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About Us – Fix It! Handyman Services

Who we are:

FIXIT! is a professional Handyman Services Company with a team of industry veterans and trade specialists who are dedicated to excellence in home repair and maintenance. We are small-job home improvement specialists. FIXIT! is the solution for people who need a handyman but don’t know how to find a good one. We know how challenging it can be to find a handyman who is available, and then how stressful it can be to check their references and feel comfortable with your choice. FIXIT! has already done all that advance work for you. We have checked the quality of our handymen’s work, and their references, and we have even run a police background check before we send a handyman into the field. When you call FIXIT! you can have confidence that your job will be taken care of by a professional.

FIXIT! focuses on the small jobs because we know that these are the hardest jobs to find a handyman to handle. We feel that focusing on the small jobs is more than a business; we are also assisting in the community. As an example, for some seniors, the difference between maintaining their independence and losing it can be as small as a loose handrail. Whether you are unable to fix the small jobs yourself, or simply not inclined, FIXIT! will take care of those jobs for you.

We understand that repairs may be frustrating, so we want to work with you to provide the right handyman to meet your small-job needs. FIXIT! handymen are home repair specialists. Our motto is “No job is too small!” But if your job is “not so small,” such as replacing the drywall in a room, or replacing a tile floor with a carpeted floor, or painting several rooms, we are more than ready to handle the task for you. You will find all of our services detailed throughout the website. And we look forward to hearing from you and rescuing you from all the headaches that home repairs and remodeling can cause.

Our Process:

Getting Started:

FIXIT! will provide you with a free telephone consultation through which we can confirm the details of your project. And then we will provide you with a rough estimate. When we know what you need and when you need it taken care of, we will match you with the right handyman and book an appointment.


We will arrive with a written estimate based on our telephone interview. Before getting started, our handyman will inspect the project and discuss any changes to the scope of the project with you. We want no surprises, so no work begins until you sign off on the estimate and are satisfied with every aspect.

The Project: 

We will arrive with all of the tools to do the job. If you haven’t already purchased the materials, and request that we do this, we will also take care of the shopping for you. Our handymen approach every project with thoroughness and attention to detail—and not just to the project details, but also to the safety, security, and cleanliness of the rest of your home and all of your belongings.

The 18-Point Check up:

Before leaving your premises, our handyman will offer you a fifteen-minute, eighteen-point checkup. This is a complimentary service that we offer to all of our customers. You are in no way obliged to accept it. We will review eighteen key areas of home maintenance for you and leave you with an assessment of what we see that may need attention.

Tallying the Bill:

We charge by the hour, but after the first two hours we charge in fifteen-minute increments. Since we aren’t in the retail business, we don’t mark up any materials that we purchase for you. And we will give you the original receipts for your records.

You can trust the experienced handymen at FIXIT! to refresh, repair or improve your home. Whatever your project, we’ll make sure it’s done right. We guarantee it.

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    FIXIT! Canada Inc.
    99 Crown's Lane, first floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5R 3P4
  • FIXIT! Canada Inc.

    99 Crown's Lane, first floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5R 3P4
    TEL: 416-214-3647
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