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Rates and Special Offers

We charge an hourly rate of $85.00.

After the first two hours, billing continues in fifteen-minute increments.

Many customers prefer to source the materials needed for a job themselves; however, we will be pleased to do the shopping for you in most cases. We will bill you for the cost of materials plus the sourcing time required to obtain the materials. At FIXIT! we already carry a selection of basic hardware to keep your time, involvement, and expense to a minimum.

We do not charge extra to arrive at your door.

Special Offers:

Mini Make-over 

Give your home a mini-makeover. Refresh your home with little touches that make such a big difference:

  • Paint a door,
  • Touch up walls with new paint or plaster repair,
  • Replace kitchen cabinet hardware,
  • Oil squeaky hinges,
  • Repair chips and cracks on floors and trim.

Mini Tune-up

Give your home a mini-tune-up. Take care of those often forgotten little tasks that make a home look and run more smoothly.

  • Tighten the screws, 
  • Oil the hinges, 
  • Clean the grout,
  • Fix the sliding door,
  • Replace old caulking,
  • Repair cracks/scratches on the floors and trim.

Seasonal Check-up

Check to make sure that important seasonal home maintenance details have been addressed as you prepare for winter and get ready for spring. Take care of all the basics, and inspect your home for any new damage or concerns.

  • Drain the pipes,
  • Remove the screens,
  • Clean the eaves and troughs,
  • Replace the batteries in the fire alarms,
  • Change the furnace filters,
  • Repair caulking and weather stripping,

We Offer a Free Eighteen-Point Inspection!

Please call us today for a free telephone consultation and estimate.

Reliable repair, improvement, and maintenance services. No job is too small.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Every FIXIT! handyman is punctual, reliable, and has undergone a complete background check for your peace of mind.

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    FIXIT! Canada Inc.
    99 Crown's Lane, first floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5R 3P4
  • FIXIT! Canada Inc.

    99 Crown's Lane, first floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5R 3P4
    TEL: 416-214-3647
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