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Drywall Adventures

March 29, 2014 in blog by lesley  |  No Comments

hole+in+the+wallSmall drywall repair is a much larger task that most people think. It usually takes three visits before the surface is ready for painting. The number one reason for drywall repair is water-related, but that’s not necessarily because the drywall gets wet.  Plumbers are also a major source – they cut large holes in drywall to get access to pipes, fix the pipes, and then leave.   Not all plumbers of course – but we affectionately call those that do, “drywall terrorists.”   FIXIT handles all kinds of small drywall repairs; we’ve patched walls on a boat, repaired the ceiling after squirrels were ‘evicted’ from the attic, and fixed what our client referred to as a ‘fist sized hole’ (we didn’t ask).  There isn’t much anyone can do to make the drywall repair any faster, but we try to combine fixing other little things around the house while we are there.

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