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Government Rebate For Energy Efficiency Upgrades

March 7, 2016 in Uncategorized by lesley  |  1 Comments

Ontario homeowners making environmentally friendly renovations to their properties can qualify for provincial rebates on upgrades ranging from furnaces and windows to faucets and shower heads.

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On March 3, CTV news reported on the details of the new energy efficiency program that forms part of the new Liberal budget.


‚ÄúDetails of the rebates were obtained by CTV Toronto more than a month after the initiative was reported exclusively by Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Paul Bliss.


Earlier this year, the government announced the start of a $100 million program meant to help the province reach its aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals. Homes and buildings are among the top emitters.


In an effort to encourage green upgrades, the government announced it would provide rebates to homeowners making environmentally friendly changes.


“It’s a very simple program. It’s a very attractive program,” Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli told CTV Toronto.


On Thursday, Bliss obtained additional information on which products will qualify and how Ontario residents can apply for the rebates.


Before any rebates are approved, all residents must cover the cost of a home energy audit. When the audit has been completed, all homeowners installing new furnaces, windows and hot water heaters will qualify for cash back.


The rebates also extend to new faucets, shower heads, doors, thermostats, weatherproofing and insulation.


Last month, the province announced that approximately 37,000 customers of Enbridge Gas and Union Gas would be given home energy audits, then will be able to apply for financial assistance to purchase upgrades based on the results of the audits.


Those making upgrades must provide receipts, but will then be eligible for rebates of up to $5,000 from Union Gas and $2,100 from Enbridge, Chiarelli said.


More items are expected to be added to the list in the coming weeks, and the province is expecting the federal government to add cash to the retrofitting program. Those willing to wait until the federal budget is revealed on March 22 may be able to get more cash back.


Paul Bliss and Kendra Mangione, CTV Toronto
Published Thursday, March 3, 2016 6:11PM EST
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