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Selling your home?

Before you put your house on the market, you may consider completing any repairs that you have been putting off. Spending a little money and time on small repairs can greatly increase your final sale price.

Giving the kitchen a facelift or sprucing up the bathroom doesn’t necessarily require major renovations. A few small changes such as new kitchen cabinet hardware can make a big difference. A few hours of care by a FIXIT! handyman could mean a few thousand dollars added to the selling price. We can help you with:

  • Dinged baseboards
  • New kitchen hardware
  • Damaged caulking
  • Scratched hardwood
  • Squeaky doors
  • Cracked or peeling paint
  • Cabinet scratches
  • Paint a bathroom
  • Broken or chipped tiles
  • Windows open and close easily
  • Paint your front door

Mini Makeover

Give your home a mini-makeover. Refresh your home with little touches that make such a big difference.

Lighting Fixtures
Check out the overhead lighting fixtures around the house. Many styles and options are available to put your rooms in a new light.

Noticeable Accents
Interior design elements such as an accent wall rail can update a room with a minimal amount of effort and investment. Small shelves can provide space to display items and complement the decor.

Bathroom Options
Replacing the sink or faucet can provide a completely new look for a bathroom. Even simple changes such as a new showerhead or cabinet hardware can give you a sense of satisfaction. Replacing a traditional vanity cabinet may be the one thing that a bathroom needs to create a completely modern look.

Front Door
Make a great first impression by having a FIXIT! Handyman put a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Whether it is a whole room, an accent wall, or simply a touch-up, a trained professional from FIXIT! will do the job right.

Update cabinet hardware. Refresh the paint if the cabinets are painted. Consider freshening up the insides of the cupboards with new paint or shelf liners.

Mini Tune-Up

Give your home a mini-tune-up. Take care of those often forgotten little tasks that make a home look and run more smoothly.

  • Tighten the screws,
  • Oil the hinges,
  • Clean the grout,
  • Fix the sliding door,
  • Replace old caulking,
  • Repair cracks/scratches on the floors
  • And anything else you may need!

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