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Repairing Aged Cedar Decks

July 18, 2016 in Uncategorized by lesley  |  1 Comments

aging cedar deck repairs aging cedar deck repairs new cedar for deck repairs When naturally aged cedar decks need repairs, it is often necessary to replace some of the boards.   Unfortunately you have to suffer through a season with differently coloured stripes since the new wood is a very different colour from the old.  There are a few options for repairing aged cedar decks.  Some people choose to apply a grey stain to the new wood but it is difficult to get a really good colour match and the new boards will always look like they have been stained.  We have recently discovered a natural treatment that artificially ages the new wood immediately after it is applied.  It isn’t perfect either, but it reduces the harsh contrast and lets the wood age naturally through the next season and keep its natural texture.   Another option is to sand down the old wood and use a stain on both the old and new wood.  For those people who don’t like the look of stained wood, we like this natural, tea-based option for hiding the stripes.

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